Have you been waiting endlessly to catch a rare pokie in the game of Pokémon Go? Well, it’s time you revisited your strategy. Now instead of hoping that a rare pocket monster will spawn in a location you can make use of Pokémon Go hacks that use supporting data from Google maps. What this means is that you will see your usual Google map but scattered on it will be the location of every Pokémon that is out there in your locality. Go get them all!

  • No jailbreaking or rooting required for Pokémon Go Hacks  

Pokémon Go, the smartphone game that uses augmented reality to capture little creatures has become a sensational hit in weeks after its release android apk: pokemon go hack. This is also true of Pokémon Go hacks that have mushroomed in thousands, littering the internet and claiming to help you win the game. Even if they worked, most hacks require either jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android phone. To safeguard your device, choose tools that work online and generate free pokeballs and coins.